Exhibition fee
€ 192.00 / sqm

Standard booth

€ 182.00 / sqm

Space only

Note: The cost for electricity is 3€ / sqm.

Note: Value added tax %9 is not included.

Note: The cost for decoration, installation and removal is not included.

Note: Payment on site


Booth features:




Per 12 square meters, height: 3 meters, length: 3 meters, width: 4 meters


Note: More than 3 meters is not allowable for height.




The following rules are to be observed regarding the booths in the exhibition:




1)   Items which do not match the contents listed in the application forms should not be displayed.


2)   The booth should not be consigned to any third party.


3)   Exhibitors may not display or post their objects or promotions outside their booths in corridors, columns or walls.


4)   Immediate removal of the displays after the closure of the exhibition is necessary. No damage of the exhibition space is allowed.