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Companies and institutes who are willing to participate in the 11th  Iran Nanotechnology Exhibition should consider the following:

  • The exhibitors shall only display goods and items which are categorized in the frame of nanotechnology
  • The exhibitors who display goods and items which are not categorized as End Products will be provided by incentives.


  • The registration application shall be sent to secretariat of the exhibition. The closing date would be the 31th of August 2018. Submission of the application form does not yet create any right to registration for the exhibition; no contract comes into existence until the organizer has confirmed the registration via confirmation. It may be mentioned worthy that, all procedures regarding the registration of exhibitors will be carried out online.
  • The secretariat of the Exhibition is fully authorized to accept or reject the applications.
  • Participation cancellation shall be announced to the secretariat of the Exhibition, not less than 30 days prior to the opening of the exhibition. In such case, 50 percent of the deposit would be deducted and the rest shall be refunded by secretariat of the exhibition. Participation cancellation would not be accepted later than the above-mentioned period and the secretariat of the exhibition has the right to allocate the unoccupied space to other applicants, without refunding the fee.
  • Should there be any Iranian agent or authorized dealer responsible for the participation procedures, the agent should be introduced during the online registration.
    Note: should there be any companies and institutes who wish to participate in the exhibition via their Iranian agent or authorized dealer, they will not be categorized as foreign applicant.
  • Deadlines regarding the registration process are as follows:
  Filling out online registration forms   31th of August 2018
  Confirming the registration process   15th of September 2018
  Last editing of information to be published in the exhibition guide book     15th of September 2018

Participation Charges

The participation charges of the exhibition will be as follows:

  • The minimum area to be requested is 12 Sq. M.
  • All display areas shall be provided with common facilities of the showrooms; such as stall mounting, inscription with two languages, lights, and furnishing.
  • The secretariat of the exhibition will inform the applicants about the procedure of payment via E-mail before the 22nd of July 2018. Note: The applicants will be informed of all the charges they have to pay during their online registration which they have to pay before the 31th of August 2018.
  • All information about the exhibitors would be printed in English and Persian, free of charge in the exhibition's catalogue. Therefore, the applicants shall submit the required information such as: products, address, telephone, Fax number, and electronic address at the time of online registration. The secretariat of the exhibition would not be responsible for any wrong or incomplete information.
  • In case the applicants would like to print an advertisement in the exhibition's catalog (anything other than the main information), separate charges shall be taken into account.
  • Information about the showrooms would be displayed online on the website of the exhibition; free of charge for one year. Therefore, the applicants shall present the information in English language.
  • ID card would be issued for every person in charge of the booth. The applicants shall fill in the appropriate form while completing online registration; and use the ID card during their attendance in the exhibition.
  • For each booth, identity card will be issued according to the following table:
  • Square per Meter 12 12-18 18 above
    No. of ID Cards 2 3 4
  • Applicants who wish to receive a visa through the organizer, shall fill in the appropriate forms while completing the online registration.
  • Exhibitors who would like to use telephone and internet facilities, should request them at the time of the online registration.
  • The stand area would be allocated by the secretariat of the exhibition and the exhibitor shall not choose any specific place for his/her demonstration.
  • Edition of the information is only allowed up to 45 days before the exhibition is due to start.
  • Participants shall sign the contract to be sent by the organizer via E-mail, and send it back to the secretariat of the exhibition.

Rules and Regulations

  1. Booth Decoration and Evacuation
    • All participants shall prepare and decorate the booths, and evacuate the unnecessary items 24 hours before the opening of the exhibition since the security of the exhibition starts closing the showrooms. In such a case, the organizer would not be responsible for the delay. The participants shall evacuate the unnecessary items and clean the booth as soon as they is informed about the exhibition security's announcement.
    • Exhibits must be designed and operated in a manner that respects the rights of other exhibitors, attendees and visitors. Participants may install the advertising items only in the limit of their own showrooms. All kinds of extra advertisement, furniture and equipment such as placards, wall writing, etc outside the stand will be subject to Organizer's permission and the related charges.
    • Demonstration of the instruments and equipment is only possible with prior permission of the organizer. In case of heavy instruments, having excess height, or machineries with high electricity consumption, and necessity of using water pipe for a specific demonstration, the secretariat of the exhibition shall be informed 45 days prior to the opening of the exhibition, to confirm the matter.
    • The exhibitor or his official representative should be actively present in the stand during the whole visiting hours.
    • Participants shall not leave or evacuate their stalls till the last moments the exhibition ends in the final day. Booth evacuation starts after official ending of the exhibition and shall be over up to 24 hours.
  2. Safety of the Showrooms
    • The exhibitors are responsible for the safety and security of their own showrooms during the exhibition. Everyday after the exhibition ends, the showrooms and entrance gates would be closed and the security of the exhibition will be responsible for guarding. Therefore, everyday the person in charge of the booth shall be present before the opening of the gates and showrooms. In case of any incidents, the participants would be responsible for their own delay.
    • Using and keeping flammable items and empty cardboard boxes in the showrooms, especially behind the display panels, is strictly forbidden.
  3. General
    • Regarding Islamic Republic of Iran's disciplines and codes and highest morality standards, is a MUST for all of the participants.
    • In case of unpredicted incidents and disasters such as earthquake, storm, flood, fire, change in the current laws, etc. which lead to the postpone of the exhibition, there won’t be any responsibility for the secretariat of the exhibition; and the fees would be refunded after calculating of reductions. Considering the new conditions and changes, the time of exhibition would be decided.
    • Any agreements made between the exhibitors and the secretariat of the exhibition is valid only in a written and signed form.
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